Valid till 31 December 2023
Available at: KINEX, United Square, Velocity@Novena Square

• A person is deemed to have accepted and agreed to these Terms and Conditions if such person purchases, uses or makes any dealing involving a e-Voucher.

• The value of each e-Voucher is denominated in Singapore currency.

Redemptions for e-Voucher:

• Redemption of POPPoints can only be done via U-POPP Mobile App.

• Members may redeem POPPoints for e-Voucher(s) in blocks of 2,000 POPPoints and at a rate of 2,000 POPPoints for S$10 worth of e-Voucher.

• Member may not assign, transfer, commercially exploit, encumber or otherwise deal with, in any manner, any of his / her rights in the U-POPP Membership and/or POPPoints otherwise than as expressly permitted under these Terms.

Use of e-Voucher at Participating Merchant:

• E-Voucher(s) can be stacked, there is no limit to the usage of redeemed e-Voucher(s) at any one point when used at a Participating Merchant; and

• Members can use the e-Voucher(s) by scanning the QR code at the Participating Merchant or keying in the Merchant Code. 

• E-Voucher(s) are not transferrable and not exchangeable for cash.

• In the case where the e-Voucher(s) are tendered as part payment for goods and services exceeding the value of the goods and services, the Member will be required to top up the difference with cash.

• There shall be no refunds should the e-Voucher be tendered as payment for goods and services below the value of the denomination stated.

Expiry of e-Voucher:

• E-Voucher will expire on of 31st December of the year the e-Voucher is issued and cannot be extended. Once redemption of POPPoints for the e-Voucher(s) is made, it is non-reversible and non-refundable. Upon expiry, e-Voucher will automatically be forfeited without compensation to the Member.