7-11 Nov 

KINEX and Velocity, Main Atrium (L1) 

Join us at the bazaar sales at KINEX and Velocity! 

U-POPP Charity Auction 

9 Nov, Sat (3pm and 5pm) - Velocity, Atrium (In front of Fatburger, L1) 

10 Nov, Sun (3pm and 5pm) - KINEX, Main Atrium (L1) 

Starting bid as low as 50%^ off retail prices! Look out for Samsung Smart TV, Novita Water Ionizer, Dyson Vacuum Cleaner, UOL E-Vouchers and many other items!

Spend $20^ in a single receipt from 1-10 Nov to redeem an auction ticket.  

Click here for the list of auction items. 

*The management reserves the right to replace any auction items of similar value before/during the auction day and amend any terms and conditions without prior notice. Other T&Cs apply. For full details, refer to full terms and conditions below.

X2 POPPoints

11 Nov (KINEX, United Square, Velocity) 

Earn double POPPoints^ on your first approved receipt at any of the UOL Malls! 

Special Deals 

11 Nov

Log in to your Mobile App and check out the Rewards Catalogue for incredible deals at 50%^ off POPPoints!

^Terms and conditions apply. Click for more details.

Valid till 11 November 2019
Available at: KINEX, United Square, Velocity@Novena Square

Terms & Conditions: X2 POPPoints –  11 Nov 2019

  1. Bonus POPPoints will be awarded to U-POPP members on the first approved 11 Nov 2019 receipt, based on the nett purchase value with a minimum spending of $20 in a single receipt from any of the participating merchants from UOL Malls (KINEX, United Square and Velocity@Novena Square) submitted on 11 Nov 2019.
  2. Bonus POPPoints will only be credited once per account.
  3. U-POPP members can accumulate a maximum of 1,000 bonus POPPoints on 11 Nov 2019. This excludes birthday rewards.
  4. U-POPP members whom birthday falls on November and submit the first receipt on 11 Nov 2019, will be entitled to the birthday rewards and will be awarded POPPoints based on the nett purchase value, on top of the bonus POPPoints received from this campaign.
  5. Retail receipts MUST BE dated 11 Nov 2019 and has to be submitted by 11.59pm via U-POPP Mobile App or 9.30pm via Customer Service Counter at any UOL Malls.
  6. Bonus POPPoints will not be awarded if receipts: 
    • Are not dated for 11 Nov 2019
    • Are without date stamp
    • Are submitted after the above mentioned deadline (refer to point 5)
    • Are not within the stated requirements as per FAQ 
  7. Ensure that receipt has been successfully submitted via U-POPP Mobile App. To check, please go to ‘Transaction History’ under ‘Receipts’. Status will be under ‘pending’.
  8. Ensure that receipts scanned are sharp and clear for submission via U-POPP Mobile App.
  9. Only eligible transactions from participating UOL Merchants across 3 UOL Malls (KINEX, United Square and Velocity@Novena Square) qualify for bonus POPPoints. The following are not classified under eligible transactions:
  • Sale of tobacco products;
  • Cash cards and stored value cards top-up transactions;
  • Purchase of gift vouchers;
  • Online purchases and bill payments (including purchases and transactions made via AXS and SAM stations); and
  • Any other product which we may, from time to time, specify at our discretion.
  1. The information provided in “My Account” of the user’s account must be accurate, true and complete at the time of registration.
  2. By participating in this promotion, you agree to be bounded by U-POPP & UOL Terms and Conditions and Data Protection Policy.
  3. In the event of dispute, the management’s decision shall be final and no correspondence will be entertained.
  4. The management reserves the right to terminate your account at any time, should you do not meet the minimum age requirement of 18 and above at the time of application.
  5. The management reserves the right to amend or change these terms & conditions at any time without prior notice.
  6. The management reserves the right to terminate this promotion at any time, without prior notice to you.
  7. Please contact enquiries@upopp.com.sg for all issues or enquiries pertaining to this promotion.


Terms & Conditions: Special Deals –  11 Nov 2019

  1. 50% off is only applicable to Rewards under the Rewards Catalogue. Not applicable to carpark rebates. 


Terms & Conditions: U-POPP Charity Auction

A) How to redeem

  1. From 1 – 10 Nov 2019, U-POPP members are required to spend a minimum of $20 in a single same-day receipt at any Participating Merchants from UOL Malls (KINEX, United Square and Velocity@Novena Square) to redeem for an auction ticket at the respective Customer Service Counter in UOL Malls.
  2. Maximum of 3 same-day combined receipts (with a minimum spending of $20 in each receipt) per redemption.
  3. Maximum of 4 auction tickets per redemption per member per day regardless of total amount spent.
  4. Redemption of auction ticket is on a while stocks last basis, only redeemable at the Customer Service Counter of the respective UOL Malls.
  5. Shoppers will have to be a U-POPP member to redeem.
  6. Shoppers who are not members can register by providing a valid mobile number.
  7. For U-POPP members, mobile number that was used for membership registration has to be presented for redemption.
  8. Upon redemption, there will not be any refund allowed for purchases made.
  9. Only original receipts with full payment are accepted for redemption based on the net amount reflected on the receipt.
  10. NETS/Credit Card slips/ handwritten/ third party receipts (i.e. receipts that are not from any Participating Merchants) and receipts for payments to Participating Merchants which have been issued or provided via any mobile payment platform/ application (e.g. FavePay, GrabPay) will not be accepted for redemption.             
  11. Receipts from non-UOL Malls retailers’ atrium sales, push carts, office tenants, banks, and payment of monthly bills & services such as medical, dental, laundry, phone, credit card, U-POPP gift card purchase, instalments and topping up of cash/ prepaid/ stored value cards etc. will not be accepted for redemption.
  12. Auction ticket can be used at the ‘close-door’ auction at the atrium in Velocity@Novena Square on 9 Nov and/or KINEX on 10 Nov.
  13. U-POPP members are required to present the auction ticket to enter the auction area and to bid for the item on the day of auction.
  14. Each auction ticket entitles each U-POPP member one chance to bid for one item per mall.
  15. The management reserves the right to replace any auction items of similar value before/during the auction day and amend any terms and conditions without prior notice. All U-POPP members participating in the auction are deemed to have read and accept all the terms and conditions.


B) How to participate in the Charity Auction

  1. Auction is only open to U-POPP members.
  2. To join us in the auction, sign up as a U-POPP member via upopp.com.sg/signup or download the U-POPP Mobile App via App Store / Google Play Store and spend a minimum of $20 in a single same-day receipt to redeem for an auction ticket at the respective malls’ Customer Service Counter.
  3. U-POPP members are allowed to participate the auction at Velocity@Novena Square on 9 Nov and/or KINEX on 10 Nov with a valid auction ticket.
  4. U-POPP members will need to login to their U-POPP Mobile App and present the auction ticket upon entering the event area.
  5. By participating in the auction, U-POPP members will have to provide consent to the collection and use of their personal information which includes their full name, contact number by the Management.
  6. Due to limited capacity, registration will be on a first come first served basis.
  7. The Management reserves the right to close the registration earlier should registration reaches its capacity.
  8. The Management reserves the right to refuse admission, or reject from ground any person, for any non-compliance.

 C) How to auction for items

  1. All registered U-POPP members will be issued with a wristband at the entrance. Wristband should be worn inside the event area at all times for verification purposes.
  2. Auction opening bid starts from the stated price on the auction card.
  3. Bid increment of an item will be as stated on the auction card or full details can also be found on www.upopp.com.sg/events.
  4. U-POPP members shall bid for the item by raising their auction ticket, followed by the amount they would like to bid for.
  5. Each auction ticket entitles you to ONE successful auction item. Once a bid is finalized, auction ticket will have to be handed over to the event staff. This auction ticket cannot be reused for subsequent bids. However, if you are not the final bidder of the auction item, you may reuse the auction ticket for other auction items.
  6. U-POPP members must rely upon the inspection and their own judgement of auction item before making a bid. Once the bid is successful, it is not reversible or refundable.
  7. The highest bidder will be awarded the item based on the winning bid price. If there are any disputes, decision will be based on Management’s discretion and Management’s decision will be final.
  8. All proceeds collected from the Auction Event will be donated to Extra•Ordinary People (excluding GST and NETS administrative charges).


D) Successful Bidders

  1. Successful bidders are required to handover the auction ticket when a winning bid is made. Bid price is inclusive of GST.
  2. Items are sold at the state during the auction and are purchased at bidder’s own risk. Items and/or services sold are strictly non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
  3. Payment can only be made using NETS. Other forms of payment will not be accepted.
  4. Successful bidders are required to pay for the item and/or service immediately after the winning bid. Bidders will have to ensure there is sufficient value in the account for the transaction.
  5. Should the transaction fail, the item will be awarded to the second highest bidder of the item, or released back for auction.
  6. Successful bidders are required to make their own delivery arrangement for any bulky items or arrange separately with the retailer for the collection of the items.
  7. Upon purchase, any disputes regarding the items and/or services shall be resolved directly with the retailers.
  8. The Management will not be responsible for any defect, incorrect description and selling price of the items.
  9. The Management makes no representation as to the merchantability or quality of the auction items and/or services of its sponsors and/or tenants.
  10. The Management reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions without prior notice.