$5 Donation

Community Chest has launched the Change for Charity initiative to encourage Singaporeans to give through spontaneous acts. In this initiative, Community Chest partners businesses to weave a giving mechanism into their business models. By doing so, Community Chest provides opportunities for individuals to give through their partners’ payment platforms. 

100% of donations raised through these initiatives will be channelled towards ART:DIS, AWWA Senior Community Home and Care Corner through Community Chest.

Valid till 13 November 2023
Available at: KINEX, United Square, Velocity@Novena Square

1.A person is deemed to have accepted and agreed to these Terms and Conditions if such person uses or makes any dealing involving an Donation E-Voucher.

2.The value of each Donation E-Voucher is denominated in Singapore currency.

3.Each redeemed $5 Donation E-Voucher will be donated to Community Chest.

4.Please note that the $5 Donation E-Voucher will remain in My E-Vouchers > “New” and will only be transferred to “Redeemed” Tab the next working day.

5.Points deducted are not refundable.

6.Donation E-Voucher is not transferrable and not exchangeable for cash.

7.The management reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.